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X Factor Selling System


$14.95 (Includes Shipping)

Everyone has a motivating or X Factor; uncover it and gain alignment for greater success in sales and business. By learning a process to determine someone’s buying motivation, you can hone your skills and consistently beat your sales target. Author Thomas F. La Vecchia, also known as The Sales Expert, shows you how in this step-by-step guide. Get to the point faster in the sales process, learn what’s important to your customers, and prompt them to act. You’ll also learn how to use four purchasing categories to determine why someone buys; begin sales pitches with bold statements and direct questions; determine your target’s X Factor, then close for the sale; and get inside the head of your sales manager. La Vecchia has spent years figuring out how great sales representatives outperform their peers, and now he’s sharing his successful selling process so you can join their ranks. Whether you’re a novice or veteran business professional, you can learn new techniques and close more deals with The X Factor Selling System.